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Speakers Corner NY Resolution Fails

30th January 2014


At the beginning of the month we posted a news story for the New Year about being kind to ourselves. However here at Speakers Corner we are not very good at sticking to our new year’s resolutions, which as always involved eating healthier and doing more exercise (we lasted about one week).

We thought it would be a good idea to check through the list that we published at the beginning of January to see how we were getting on with all of these new resolutions. The results can be seen below; we think honesty is the best policy in this office so here goes...

  1. Meditate. This didn’t happen in any way. It turns out no one has time to meditate. Besides, how do you do it without some sort of training from a yogi. Well actually, we do mediate every day. It’s at night time and more commonly referred to as sleep.

  2. Get physical. We all know everyone rushes to the gym at New Year, and we at Speakers Corner have been no different. This is of course, a great and important lifestyle tip. Not just for 2014, but for overall well being. It’s HARD though, and how does everyone find the TIME to do it? The steam room has been an excellent substitute and we’ve heard it’s very good for your skin.

  3. Get a Practice – Having a routine. Even having a cup of tea at the same time every day. DONE! Having a pudding after lunch every day. DONE. Having a glass (or two) of wine every day. DONE. Easy. Okay this one was definitely doable-well done team!

  4. Eat well. Yes, this is key. See above, we’ve been eating very well thank you very much. We unfortunately forgot to buy our weekly dose of turmeric for the office lunches...woops. However it turns out dark chocolate is a superfood (in our office anyway) and we have been having plenty of that.

  5. Social interaction is vital. Again, easy. We see people every morning, on the tube, every day, in the office, and every evening on the telly...that’s quite enough. You’re telling us to keep away from twitter also? But twitter is #socialinteraction-now we are very confused?!

  6. Take an interest in people around us.This is a tough one as we mostly enjoy taking an interest in ourselves buut we’ll give this a go and see what happens, does watching reality TV count? If so-DONE! The 6pm news? DONE. We have totally mastered taking an interest in others. 

Now that January is almost over we can put silly resolutions behind us but we do hope that you have have been more successful than us. 

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