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Speakers Corner’s China Experts say Shenzen is Transformed

31st October 2012

As China’s position as a leading force in the world of business intensifies, Speakers Corner boasts a varied and replete catalogue of speakers whose expertise in matters of the BRIC nations, in particular China, is impressive and invaluable, including Linda Yueh, Chris Patten, Martin Roll, Giles Chance and Jonathan Fenby.

Thirty years ago, Shenzhen was a small fishing village on the south coast of China, a hilly area with acres of paddy fields tended to by workers in straw conical hats.

When Shenzhen was singled out to be the first of five ‘Special Economic Zones’, it took twenty years for the sleepy provincial town to become the manufacturing hub of the world comprising five million factory workers and over $30 billion in foreign investment.

And more recently, Shenzhen has transformed itself yet again from a low-cost manufacturing based economy to a primary high-tech world centre of innovation and financial services. Roughly 60% of its manufacturing value is in high-tech products and the number of international patent applications lodged in Shenzhen has ranked it the highest (45.4% of the national total) among Chinese cities for eight years running.

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