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Ted 2014

20th March 2014


This week has been all about TED 2014, 70 speakers take the stage to discuss a range of topics including leadership, genetics and the magic of fireflies. The Ted 2014 Conference takes place in Vancouver and is made up of five sessions, in each session multiple speakers get the chance to spread their knowledge on a topic they feel passionate about.

At Speakers Corner we take a great interest in Ted Conferences as they give us the chance to listen to some of the worlds most inspiring and thought provoking speakers. We are constantly on the lookout for new speakers that we can tell clients about and there is no better place to look than Ted.

The Ted 2014 Conference has been another impressive year with talks from musicians Sting and Mark Ronson, former Chief Executive of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda and Philosopher and writer Jim Holt as well as various others.

One of the most talked about appearances at Ted 2014 was that of Edward Snowden who remains in Moscow, after becoming a wanted man in the US due to his revelations of government surveillance of the internet. Edward appeared on stage on a robotic screen and discussed the NSA with Tim Berners-Lee, he stated ‘Some of the most important reporting to be done is yet to come…The NSA violated their own rules thousands of times in a year.’ Edward was later pictured in his robotic form alongside the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin.

Ted Prizewinner, Chairmian Gooch took to the stage to talk about global corruption, which her organisation Global Witness has exposed on a global scale. In her talk, Charmian stated that ‘for every case that we and others expose, there are so many more that remain hidden away because of the current system.’

Today’s session involves talks from Ray Kurzweill and Ken Robinson and tomorrow will be the last day of the conference. We suggest you tune into some of the amazing Ted talks from 2014 in order to hear some truly inspirational speakers.

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