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TED Conference 2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered

4th July 2013

This year’s TED 2013 Conference took place over five days and each day involved 18 minute talks by famous speakers as well as music, comedy, dance and videos. The conference returns for a fourth year at the Long Beach Performing Arts Centre in the Terrace Theatre.

The TED conference takes place annually and this year saw more impressive speakers take to the stage for 18 minutes at a time. The topics over the five day conference include ‘Progress Enigma’, ‘Dispark’ and ‘Sustain’ all hosted by TED curator Chris Anderson.

June Cohen, the Executive Producer of TED Media will host sessions titled ‘Who are we?’, ‘Secret Voices’ and ‘Create!’.

The speakers appearing in each session range from economists to psychologists to beat boxers and inventors. Each speaker has a different perspective on the topics under discussion and will have their own experiences to share with the audience.

Bruno Giussani, the European Director and co-host of TED Global also hosts one of the morning sessions at the conference. Some of the speakers talking at the prestigious event include Google co-founder Sergey Brin, famous musician and activist Bono, former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm and Charity defender, Dan Pallotta to name only a few.

Many of the TED Conference talks can be watched online through the TED website or on youtube, allowing the public to share the TED experience and see some inspirational speeches.

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