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TED Speaker and Futurist Rachel Armstrong Holds Online Chat

11th September 2011

What does the future hold? This is the $64,000 question that cannot be answered but is open to informed and intelligent speculation, and is a frequently used tool, helping to motivate companies in the current climate of economic gloom.

Futurists such as Annalise Kjaer , who specialises in future trends and their impact on tomorrow’s consumer behaviour and needs; Richard Watson, focusing on strategic foresight and scenario planning, and Martin Lindstrom, a branding, marketing and advertising guru, are some of the charismatic futurists available through Speakers Corner for corporate events.

Rachel Armstrong, TED speaker, keynote speaker, and futurist has published a new book, which questions the long attested concept that the future holds a vision of machines taking over from humans. She will be holding an online conversation though http://www.ted.com/, where readers are invited to share their views through an interactive discussion.

The live conversation opens on February 8th, 2012 at 6pm UK time, to anyone who wishes to participate, even those not registered with TED.

Rachel’s controversial and fascinating theory attests that we are not machines but Ecological Humans. We depend on our networks for survival, like an oak tree in the forest, being made up of highly interacting and interdependent systems. For example, eating is not simply consuming ‘fuel’ to feed our body-machine but is a mutual relationship shared between our gut bacteria, our food and our bodies (which, in turn, are highly interconnected assemblages of specialised tissues). The way we see ourselves influences the way we operate through the world in all aspects of our lives - from health, to business and even space exploration!

Ecological Humans, imagine the City 2.0 as being grown from the bottom-up by its communities. It is underpinned by highly interacting and interdependent networks, which use dynamic fabrics that behave in life-like ways. These buildings can be described as Living Architecture that are capable of responding to the changes in our dynamic cities as only real ecologies can.

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