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The Best of TED Talks

3rd December 2012

The Sunday Times have released an article debating TED talks and have included their top 8 talks. In the top 8 is Jill Bolte Taylor: ‘Stroke of Insight’ from the 2008 conference, where Taylor, a Neuroanatomist, tells the astonishing story of when she suffered a stroke and studied it as it occurred.

Also on the list is Jon Ronson: ‘Strange answers to the psychopath test’ from the 2012 conference. This talk displays the findings from his book, ‘The Psychopath Test’, in which he portrays the division between crazy and sane and the grey areas surrounding this.

James Watson: ‘How we discovered DNA’, from the 2005 conference, also features on the list. Watson discusses how him, and his partner Francis Crick, made one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the 20th Century, the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Next on the list is Aimee Mullins with her talk, ‘It’s not fair having 12 pairs of legs’, where the actor, athlete and activist, who has had both legs amputated, talks about her designer prosthetic legs, in a killer pair of heels. 

Brené Brown also features with her talk from the 2010 conference, ‘The power of vulnerability’. Brown, a social researcher, gives a deeply poignant and moving talk about her findings from her studies on humanity, connection and shame.

Also featuring on the list is Morgan Spurlock, a film maker, and his talk, ‘The greatest TED talk ever sold’, where he explores the influential world of brand marketing and his attempt at making a fully sponsored film about sponsorship.

Next on the list is Dan Pink’s talk, ‘The puzzle of motivation’. Pink is a career analyst and his talk focuses on the issue of motivation, touching on the work of social scientists, that reward incentives are not always the best strategy for business.

Finally on the list is Rodney Mullen, an entrepreneur and one of the most influential street skaters in history, and his talk, ‘Pop an Ollie and innovate!’ Mullen’s talk looks at the skateboarding community and how its environment drives the innovation and creation of new tricks.

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