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The Times Top Tips on Marketing

11th July 2014


Marketing techniques are vital in order for companies to spread the word about their brand and to encourage more business. These days we tend to associate marketing with social media sites however there are lots of different ways in which companies can get noticed.

According to a recent article in The Times there are lots of different marketing techniques that can be used in addition to social media. Here are some of the marketing tips that were mentioned.

1.Word of mouth-It is important that you always deliver a good service to your clients as word of mouth is a great way of getting people to talk about your brand and it is basically free marketing. However it is important that people are always talking about your company is a positive way.

2.Hosting Events-hosting an event makes your clients to feel special and it is also an opportunity for companies to invite potential new clients to the event. It is also gives companies a chance to show off a little and impress.

3.Networking-attending networking events is also important as it gives you an opportunity to meet new people and to spread the word about your company. ‘Networking events will allow you to exchange ideas and forge potential partnerships.’

4.Blogging-this is a great marketing technique as it allows you to write content that is relevant to your company, meanwhile it gives your brand a voice and a unique point of view.  At Speakers Corner we have developed a Blog that we believe reflects our brand and is written by our team and by some of our speakers. Our goal is to help our clients and speakers to develop a deeper understanding of the speaking industry.

5.Partnerships- according to The Times ‘these can offer a fantastic opportunity to leverage word of mouth off the back of a more established brand such as a magazine or newspaper or a non-competitive brand that has a similar customer portfolio.’

At Speakers Corner we work with a number of speakers who are experts on marketing, these include Hamish Taylor, Alex Hunter, Richard Reed and Nathalie Nahai. If you are interested in booking a speaker for a corporate event, call 02076077070.  

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