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This year TED Global will focus on the good news

9th July 2010

Last year was the first time that TED broadened its horizons and came to the UK for the first TED Global conference held in Oxford. Since 1984 TED has been gathering together the world’s brightest thinkers – the people who are doing the most exciting things across all fields for an annual conference in California. The incredible mix of people, from CEO’s to scientists, film producers to entrepreneurs get serious about the issues that populate the world’s media – sustainability, educational reform, innovation etc.

This year's TED Global theme - And Now The Good News- is hoping to bring a glimmer of optimism to a year that has been one of the most disastrous in modern history. The meeting in Oxford aims to explore the undercurrents of good news, the discoveries, the new ways of thinking, new technology and scientific breakthroughs, bubbling beneath the troubling headlines.

This year's TED Global speaker lineup includes fifty impressive speakers and performers. Over 4 days, delegates will hear from a wide range of speakers, each delivering an 18 minute session. From Neuroscientist Sebastian Seung to musician and activist Annie Lennox, to organic farmer Adrian Dolby to diplomat Joseph Nye.

Lewis Gordon Pugh, the cold water swimmer will also be speaking. Just back from swimming in the glacial melt water below Mount Everest, he will be drawing attention to the global climate. There will also be 18 minute slots from organic farmer Adrian Dolby, co-founder of the Green School in Bali, John Hardy, happiness researcher, Nic Marks and microlender, Jessica Jackley who set up Kiva.org an online community that helps individuals loan small amounts of money to entrepreneurs all over the world.

Famously an invite only event, the rest of us will have to wait until the videos of the speakers are posted up on the TED Global site to hear from the architects of the future, with hopefully a more positive outlook for the future.

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