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Tim Berners-Lee Wins Engineering Prize

20th March 2013

Inventor of the World Wide Web and keynote speaker, Time Berners-Lee, is going to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

The award was announced on Monday the 18th of March 2013 at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London. Tim will be joined in receiving the award by Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Marc Andreesen and Louis Pouzin, all of whom have contributed to the success of the internet.

The five will be awarded the £1 million prize in June, which will be presented by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

The prize was set up in order to change the public’s view of engineering and the Royal Academy of Engineering states on their website, that “If people think of it at all, they tend to associate engineering with heavy industry and civil infrastructure. It means many young, creative people — especially women — don’t consider a career in engineering.”

Tim tweeted that he was “Very Honoured” to be receiving the award. 

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