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Tim Smit To Open College For New Construction Techniques

11th June 2012

Co-founder & Chief Executive of the amazing Eden Project, Tim Smit, spoke to the i magazine about a new technical college based at the Eden Project and opening in 2013.

The college is called How2 and is billed as “the world’s first digital technical college.” The college’s patron is Sir John Rose, former Rolls-Royce CEO.

Smit said that technical education should be updated to include “modern, sustainable, and environmentally friendly construction technologies, delivered by new ways of teaching.”

He would also like to see all lessons available all over the world via the internet.
Smit came up with the idea after working as a judge in a competition for low-carbon, environmentally-friendly building technologies, and being told that the best projects were impractical because construction skills in Britain are falling short.

How2 aims to be a centre where new construction technologies for a low-carbon world – insulation techniques, environmentally friendly materials, advanced heating systems – are taught and also updated for many years through the internet once students have left.

Smit feels strongly that practical skills are snobbishly perceived as inferior to white-collar occupations, “yet in truth they shaped the industrial revolution.” He wants to eradicate this misconception.

“We want How2 to be an inspiration; a brand if you like, to make people realise that blue collar making things is not anything other than totally dignified and noble.”

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