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TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2012

28th December 2012

TIME Magazine has named Barack Obama as Person of the Year 2012.

Obama has taken the spot having been re-elected as America’s President for the new term. He is the representation of a new America and is the first President to accept gay marriage and the first to give work permits to undocumented immigrants. He is also the first Democratic President to win over 50% of the vote in consecutive elections since Franklin D Roosevelt and is the first since 1940 to be re-elected when the unemployment rate is so high, at over 7.5%.

As the first black President, Obama himself and the very fact that he has been re-elected represents a new, more tolerant America, as he states, ‘The truth is that we have steadily become a more diverse and tolerant country that embraces people’s differences and respects people who are not like us. That’s a profoundly good thing. That’s one of the strengths of America.’

For creating this new majority, for turning weakness into opportunity and for, amidst challenges and hostility, creating a more united America, where change and imperfection are accepted, Obama is TIME’s person of the year. 

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