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Unseen Enemy Exhibition

8th August 2013


The Unseen Enemy Exhibition is a special exhibition that tells the story of Improvised Explosive Devices and their impact. It also focuses on the experiences of the British Army in Afghanistan.

The exhibition looks at the people who come into close contact with IED’s in Afghanistan and how they search for them, make them safe and deal with their impact. Unseen Enemy will be displaying personal interviews, images and mementoes, which capture the courage and camaraderie of the service personnel who come into daily contact with these deadly devices.

Inspirational speaker, Kevin Ivison has experience with IED’s, having worked as a bomb disposal operator and the Director of the Counter IED Consultancy. He has also written a book on his experience called ‘Red One: A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line’.

The exhibition is made up of three sectors, the first is an introduction to the concept of an IED, its history and how it has evolved.  The next sector is focused on the threat of Afghanistan and why IED’s have been chosen as the weapon of choice, also looking at how service personnel are trained to manage these weapons. The final sector of the exhibition is about the impact of IED’s, looking at the aftermath of the explosion and the ‘road to recovery’.

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