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Vikram Mansharamani's Opinion On U.S Food Prices

13th March 2013

Keynote speaker and lecturer at Yale University, Vikram Mansharamani believes that the low food prices in the U.S are the cause of increased portion sizes, which have led to mass obesity.

Vikram believes that the government policies put in place to keep food prices low, have led to the overconsumption of food, which has resulted in a national obesity epidemic.

To support his statements Vikram has pointed out that food prices have fallen, on average, one percent per year and the daily average calorie consumption in the US has risen about 18 percent. Therefore it seems likely that the two are connected.

Vikram states that “In a time of strained budgets and rising medical costs, we must think more broadly about the health effects of our food system. To ignore the connection between agricultural policy and public health would be as wrong as to ignore the link between housing policy and financial regulation.”

He believes that if the U.S acts upon this issue now, there is more chance of positive changes being made, thus improving the health of U.S citizens. 

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