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Vince Cable claims London is ‘Suction Machine’

24th December 2013

Political speaker and Business Secretary Vince Cable, has stated that he believes ‘London is becoming a giant suction machine that is draining the life out of the rest of the country.’

Vince believes that instead of more money going into expanding Heathrow Airport, the money should go towards expanding the UK’s regional airports, while on Radio 4 the Business Secretary stated that ‘more balance’ was needed.

There is obviously a high demand for more flight paths in and around London, however Vince stated that ‘One is to try to ensure that, for the economic interests of the country, we have more connection to the big emerging markets…we have hundreds of thousands of people in London living under the flight path with very serious issues of noise.’ He believes that the best way to solves this problem is to make more use of provincial airports".

He believes that too much money is being spent on London and we need to acknowledge other regions in the UK as ‘London is becoming a kind of giant suction machine, draining the life out of the rest of the country.’

However Mayor of London, Boris Johnson disagreed with Vince’s view point and stated ‘I fundamentally disagree. In fact the opposite is true: London now contributes more to UK GDP than ever before.’

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