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When The Internet Hates You

3rd March 2015

Jon Ronson, who famously wrote the bestseller, The Psychopath Test, has written a new book aimed at anyone who has an online footprint – i.e. almost every business in the world. It’s a guide for dealing with disaster online - called So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed - extracts have already been published in the New York Times, and have been critically acclaimed.

The first extract of the book tells of a New York City PR woman who tweeted an ill-advised joke to her 170 Twitter followers just before boarding a plane to Cape Town: ‘Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!’ She boarded the plane and landed eleven hours later and turned on her phone. She was the worldwide number one trending topic on Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of people were outraged and disgusted by her. She was fired from her job, demonized and ridiculed across the Internet, and was even subjected to death threats. She has only ever spoken on the record about the incident to Jon Ronson.

Jon’s extract went viral, and The Guardian wrote: ‘I have been obsessing over Jon Ronson’s brilliant and pertinent essay in the New York Times. It might be a turning-point.  Perhaps it will cause a questioning of Twitter’s instant-Salem culture of shame.’

His story is now a keynote, and is aimed at managers and CEOs, and anyone who wants to avoid such a devastating situation.

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