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World Cup Concerns Over Goal Control-4D

17th June 2014

The World Cup has started in Brazil, Sixty four matches will be played in twelve cities across the country, and stadiums have been built or renovated in preparation for the tournament. This year there has been a lot of focus on the new technology known as GoalControl-4D and the effect this will have on referees.

Controversially, this world cup tournament is the first in history to introduce the new goal line technology, which enables a higher level of accuracy for judgement for the referee. FIFA have chosen German company, GoalControl to provide the Brazil World Cup with modern gadgetry named GoalControl-4D, to aid the referee in making decisions.

With the general concern that referees and assistant referees may be out of a job because of theGoalControl-4D, Speakers Corner speaker and retired referee Pierluigi Collina gave his two cents on the technology at a private seminar at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), reaffirming its place in modern football: “I am not against GLT, I would say in an ideal world, additional assistant referees and GLT can live together. As I said before, GLT is only for goal-line… it’s also important to assist the referee in taking manual decisions, because in an ideal world, they can live together."

Errors in referee judgement in the world cup tournament have occurred in the past however; the catastrophic 2006 world cup match between Croatia and Australia saw legendary referee Graham Poll booking a player three times before he got sent off the pitch. Along with that mishap, Graham Poll also missed a blatant handball in the Croatian penalty area, although assistant referees were present in this match, it is clear another set of eyes were required to draw an accurate conclusion.

After testing over the years, the GLT has displayed a 100% success rate, never ever missing a trick. And now that the GoalControl-4D has been approved for the 2014 world cup, it’s set to be a fair and square tournament. And unsurprisingly, Graham Poll is supportive of this decision, saying in an article he wrote on the matter for The Daily Mail: “The technology is there and must be used for the good of the modern game.”

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Article written by Caitlin Mullaly. 

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