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World Meteorological Day

23rd March 2015


In Environmental news:

Being as we are in the UK, with its meeting point for various air masses: Maritime (wet), Arctic (very cold!), Continental (cold in winter) and from the south, Tropical, ensures we have a somewhat unpredictable weather system that challenges the average Briton daily, despite their years of experience, while remaining the favoured seed of many conversation throughout the land.

Putting that aside; the World Meteorological Organization asks us today on World Meteorological Day (#WorldMetDay) to consider weather & climate beyond our borders in countries where they can have a detrimental effect on people’s lives, Their mission is to “protect life and property from natural disasters related to weather, climate and water, to safeguard the environment, and to contribute to sustainable development”.

The day has ran every year since 1961 with each year events and discussion focusing on a theme of topical interest. This year that is: Climate Knowledge for Climate Action, referring to the knowledge built up over recent decades to take more affirmative action going forward. This year the organisation will introduce a blueprint for action on disaster risk reduction at The Third UN World Conference and later in the year will aim to achieve a new universal agreement on climate change at The UN Framework Convention for Climate Change.

The WMO is keen to point out that changes can be made on individual basis too: being energy efficient in the home and cutting down on unnecessary car or air travel. A lot of progress has already been made in this area with recyclable bin collections now becoming the norm and more individuals – for better or (Lycra) worse – taking to their bikes. However, days like today ask us all to consider, yet further, what we can do – not just for ourselves – but for those on the other side of this planet we share.


   Picture courtesy of Hangglide: Equirectangular Earth. Flickr, taken on July 29, 2004

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