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X Shopping Days to Christmas

6th November 2015

xmas.jpgAt the time of writing, we have 48 days and 13 hours and 9 minutes shopping time until Christmas Day. One assumes that includes online shopping to allow for the 24-hour nature of the measurement. If you wish to find out how many days you have left – at the time of reading – xmasclock.com will kindly illuminate you on this festive computation.

What this does do however, and whether hope or fear drives you, is that Christmas is coming! You may notice spruce and firs sprouting up in the very unnatural commercial surrounds of the supermarket, the department store or on communal concrete public spaces.

A new addition to the yuletide intercourse is the arrival John Lewis festive message where product and services take a back seat for an emotional feel-good moment with your favourite brand.

With the advert being released today we see an earth bound young girl connect via an incredibly powerful telescope with an elderly #ManOnTheMoon accompanied by the current musical du jour of stripping back a notable pop tune into a twinkly piano/vocal composition. It did, on watching, for the team here generate a large number of questions around how the elderly man got there but we put them aside for now. 

For those more humbug folk out there this advert, along with the many firs, is another Christmas symbol to avoid while increasing the denial levels around the remaining shopping days. For those who are more Cratchit in nature and embrace Christmas fully, then this is one of the first festive steps on a yuletide journey - with just X Shopping Days left!


Picture courtesy of Wkimedia Commons: HK R10 Central 永安百貨公司 Wing On Department Store interior Xmas tree Customers

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