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Zuckerbergs Named Top Philanthropists for 2013

13th February 2014

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan were named as the top US philanthropists for 2013, they donated 18 million Facebook shares to a Sillicon Valley Foundation, which amounted to a total of over £590 million.

The donation made by Mark and his wife was the largest made in 2013 and according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy ‘the gift outstripped philanthropists such as Bill and Melina Gates. In the last few years the Zuckerbergs have donated a total of 36 million shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a charity that manages and distributes charitable funds.

Hearing about the Zuckerberg’s generous donation made us think about our charitable speakers and some of the amazing things they have done.

Speaker Steve Wozniak, designed Apple’s first product line and since retiring from an impressive career with Apple, has become a well known philanthropist and gives a significant amount of his time and resources to education.

Marc and Craig Kielburger are brothers who have both been heavily involved in charity from a young age. Craig co-founded ‘Free the Children’ at the age of 12 and the brothers organise ‘We Day’ an annual event that reaches 160,000 students from 4,000 schools in person and more than 5.7 million through televised broadcasts. ‘We Day has 3.7 million likes on Facebook, making it one of the largest charitable causes in the world.’

Keynote speaker and celebrity, Bob Geldof, is a famous philanthropist and has donated huge amounts of time and money to charity. He set up the Live Aid concerts in London and the USA and has been attempting to combat corruption in Africa along with various charities.  Bob has been a keynote speaker at numerous global event such as Davos world economic forum and TED.

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