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Our MD Nick is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, commenting on:

Why 2018 saw the sporting world stand up

How Christmas ads are changing

Why we need the 'silly season' year-round

It's Coming Home!

A piece on the power of speaking fiction over fact

Nick's big hope for 2018

Nick wrote a letter to Father Christmas

Is the law fit for purpose?

Are we free to say what we want?

Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Give and Take

Which Simpson's character are we?

Is anyone listening to us?

Presenting our values on stage

Do we have any great political speakers anymore?

How you act is more important than what you say in politics 


There's a huge value on the personal touch

Learning from your mistakes is the best route to success

Nick outlines 4 ways to become a better speaker

Nick gives his top tips to deliver a stand out speech


Why is Greta Thunberg a great conversation starter

Events are changing

An insight into our showcase events with The Brewery

A wrap-up of our diversity themed Knowledge Guild

Getting the most out of your speaker


How to be better at speaking in public 

HR needs to look to the NBA for inspiration

Image result for customer experience magazine

The importance of looking after your customers



Speakers shouldn't work for free

We're a resilient bunch


Profile piece with Nick and Tim

Nick's opinion piece on learning



How to be a good leader

Mentoring at work



What does diversity and inclusion mean?

How to speak with confidence

Nick's top 10 speaking tips


We're seeing a rise in younger speakers

How to get the most out of panel sessions

Nick commented on expected 2019 industry trends

What makes a successful awards evening?


Digital transformation and the C-Suite


Important advice for entrepreneurs

Discussing salary

  What went wrong during the election campaign



The c-suite needs to talk more



The rise of female speakers

Facilitating a melting pot of ideas

Nick shares his tips on how to generate income from public speaking 

Our biggest showcase event


We're evolving not rebelling

Natwest Content Live

What should you call yourself


Managing your brand

Telegraph Connect

Nick delivers useful advice for business owners



Facilitating discussion across a diverse audience

Keeping your goals on track in 2019

Creating an environment for everyone to learn and prosper

Mentoring Tips

What do companies need to consider about the workplace?

Taking pride in our work

Nick delivers his thoughts on what keeps everyone motivated at work

Can I have a quick word please?

Discussing salary

Speaking with confidence

Content is king

It's not what you say but how you present yourself



How to find the best speaker for your event


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