We are obviously passionate about ensuring your right to privacy and have a rather grown up and detailed policy which of course you’re more than welcome to read here .

The key things to bear in mind is if you have worked with us or made an enquiry for a speaker we tend to keep a record on who you are, where you work and any contact information you’ve kindly shared with us. From time to time, we like to use this information to share fantastic and inspirational stories from our speakers alongside sharing the occasional top tips on how to deliver successful content at events.

You are welcome to ask us about what information we have on you, and we can correct anything that is out of date or incomplete or indeed remove you from our little black book. Alternatively, whenever we send email newsletters or event invites you can of course unsubscribe at any time - and indeed re-subscribe as it suits.

Of course, we hope that once you sign up to our newsletters or source a speaker from us you will want to stay in touch, but friends are for life and we won’t take offence if you ask to be removed, we're acutely aware that sometimes you're busy, or your role may change.

We treat your data as if it's our own and our grown up policy is designed to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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