Roger Harrabin

Roger Harrabin is the BBC’s environment correspondent, having worked for many years as the Environment Analyst and one of the senior journalists on the climate and energy, he in an authority on all things green. Perfect for businesses looking to improve corporate social responsibility, or to deliver a keynote speech on the environment and climate change. 

Roger Harrabin has cemented his place as one of the media's most influential voices on environment, transport, energy and all things green after reporting on these issues for over two decades. His current role is the BBC's Environment Analyst, working across all media from the Today Programme to the Ten O'Clock News, Newsnight and BBC World.

He has traversed the globe for stories on globalisation, health and the role of women, and he has interviewed many influential figures including Tony Blair, Al Gore and the former European Commission’s President Barroso.

The environmentalist has been highly skilled in influencing public opinion and policy in his role with the BBC. Known for his extensive subject knowledge and sharp wit, he can simplify complex issues making environmental matters accessible to everyone.

Founding presenter of the BBC's Costing the Earth Programme, Roger is adept in questioning environmental goals. Also an experienced events facilitator renowned for bringing difficult, multifaceted subjects to life, Roger would be a delightful addition to any corporate social responsibility event.  

Documentary presenter, journalist and radio reporter, Roger works across a number of media fields, bringing seemingly abstract issues to the forefront of public concern. He was years ahead of the common thinking in showing how the environment links to energy, transport, farming, government aid, foreign policy, planning and even obesity. Raising concerns about climate, biodiversity, carbon footprints, population, over-fishing, green taxation, road pricing, global inter-connectedness, problems with IMF/World Bank and 3rd World debt, Roger has highlighted to us all how we need to do more for our planet.

Roger’s significant reporting on risk issues such as consumption patterns and transport safety have led these issues to be international media concerns. His work prompted safer railways and healthier food options.

He is one of the world’s most influential correspondents on climate policy, consistently challenging established wisdom. In 2007 he published an expose report that China was building two power stations a week, not one. In another typically innovative BBC report he traced an energy-saving product used in British homes back to the factory where it was made in China – and pointed out that we were blaming the Chinese for emissions they create on our behalf.

Winning the One World Media award and a number of Media Natura Environment Awards from his work on The World at One is a testament to Roger’s ground-breaking and high-calibre research and reporting.

He is a popular speaker on the corporate circuit, providing an authoritative and thought-provoking view on the environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. His presenting experience makes him perfect for facilitating events and his revolutionary reporting ensures he is also an adept keynote speaker.

His speaking topics include:

- Corporate social responsibility

- Obesity and consumption patterns

- Transport

- The environment and climate change

- International green issues 

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