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Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly is a TV and Radio presenter, and technology guru. His no-fear policy and engaging, witty style make him a dynamic and exciting awards host and conference facilitator. Knowledgeable about all the latest tech, Spencer is well-placed to speak on the latest trends in the field and present an energetic seminar. 

TV and Radio presenter, technology guru, and presenter of the BBC technology programme Click, Spencer Kelly has broadcast to the nation upside down, mid-air and hanging off a cliff-face. His no-fear policy and engaging, witty style makes him the consummate awards host and after dinner speaker.

Spencer graduated with double first in Computer Science from Cambridge University, and then proceeded to divert from any kind of expected path to become a radio presenter.

He was very cooperative, professional and flexible. His presentations were very lively and he managed to wake up the audience!
PlusServer AG

He spent two years patrolling the south of England in a small plane for the Ocean Radio Group, performing aerobatic stunts in between (and sometimes during) travel reports. He even nearly died in a mid-air collision, and owes his life to the pilot and his quick reactions.

In 1997 he was asked to fill in on the Ocean FM breakfast show (TSA 1 million) "until further notice", a solid 6 years later he was still there.

While heading the station line-up he had the chance to do some amazing things. He's abseiled, sky-dived from 12,000 feet, driven lorries and tanks, and stunt-ridden a motorbike on top of a ladder.  He made international news when he caused toy Furbies across the south of England to commit mass suicide.

Spencer first appeared on local TV hosting A Matter of Fact - a comedy panel game show based on unusual trivia.

He went on to front a film review programme for 3 years between 1999 and 2002, giving his expert opinion on the week's new releases.

In 2003 Spencer joined the BBC as an interactive presenter, and soon moved to the TV technology programme Click Online. It was here that his passion for science and technology could really flourish, presenting items on wide-ranging and challenging topics, from quantum computers to child abduction.

As well as presenting Click, Spencer has presented Channel 5's Gadget Show.

Spencer was awarded Tech Personality of the Year at the 2015 T3 Awards.

Technology presenter, adrenalin junkie and expert speaker Spencer Kelly is an engaging and witty awards host and after dinner speaker.

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What people said about Spencer Kelly

He was professional, friendly and relaxed on the evening and delivered a clear and concise presentation.
Willmott Dixon Capital Works Ltd

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