6 Speakers We've Seen That You Won't Want to Miss

Natalia Hernandez 27 October 2021

Join our team as we revisit some of the incredible comedians, speakers and hosts we were privileged enough to be inspired by recently.

In fact, it’s why we take the time to share some of the amazing events our speakers attend. Hearing them live allows us to give our expert recommendations to event organisers on who is the best fit for their event!

With advice on mental health to gut-busting comedy performances, check out the 6 speakers we've seen that you won't want to miss!

Njambi McGrath

Lois from our Logistics Team travelled to the heart of London to check out Kenyan-British comedian and actor Njambi McGrath and shared:

“Njambi’s comedy was thought provoking, informative and hilarious all at the same time. She took her audience from the edge of discomfort to hysterical laughter all in one sentence!”

With a virtual visit all the way from Norway, Tom Savigar shared with us what a sustainable future might look like.

Our Account Manager, Dan shared his thoughts, saying:

“I thought he was excellent. Tom can talk about a lot of things and made big current events issues surrounding climate change and corporate accountability really relatable and digestible.”

Niall Breslin

Former Rugby player turned mental health advocate Niall Breslin joined us recently to share his candid journey with mental health.

From the rugby field to The Voice Ireland judging panel, to now fighting to break mental health barriers, check out what Account Manager Debbie Price learned from his virtual visit:

“Niall is an amazing speaker on positive psychology – looking at what’s right with people, as opposed to what’s wrong. He is open about his own struggles with depression and addiction and uses his personal experiences in his speeches. He also has such valuable advice on how to approach someone you think might be struggling and how to support them.”

Abadesi Osunsade has truly journeyed through some of technology’s most powerful organisations.

From her time at Groupon, to Amazon, to now founding Hustle Crew, we learned why she’s on a mission to help companies fight bias in the workplace.

Natalia from our marketing team walked away having learnt: 

“Abadesi’s experience in tech and knowledge on topics from diversity, ageism, feminism and bias truly gave me a new perspective on how employees can empower change even if they’re not in high-level positions of power.

Her balance of information, vulnerability, presence, and curiosity broke down some of today’s defining issues as she illustrated actionable ways to affect meaningful change, today!”

Lucy Foulkes

Psychologist Lucy Foulkes joined us at the Speakers Corner offices for a fascinating hybrid event. 

Her take on the mental health field inspired our team member Mo to walk away with a new perspective on mental wellbeing:

“Lucy has a unique take on the vast mental health crisis we are witnessing in our society. 

One of her main points was that terms such as ‘clinical depression’ or ‘PTSD’ are often used too lightly without actual medical diagnosis, and that doctors are sometimes too quick to prescribe medication when not necessary. 

She really gave us all a different perspective on the field while also delivering some powerful takeaways.”

Wrapping up our list is Jayde Adams who Account Manager Scott sat front row to see. 

Her hosting abilities delivered an incredible event that Scott unexpectedly became the star of that evening! :

“Recently I was lucky enough to see Jayde Adams who was acting as host for the event. Despite the fact that she tore into me the whole night (dangers of sitting on the front row), she really knew how get the room going and even managed a few songs on the piano!”

For further information on any of the speakers, comedians or experts mentioned above, call our friendly team of experts on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk to learn more about booking them for your next event!

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