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Former editor of The Spectator, and now writer for The Evening Standard, GQ and weekly columnist for The Guardian and International New York Times, Matthew D'Ancona is an accomplished author and writer. Acutely intelligent and sharp, Matthew is a brilliant speaker on politics and current affairs, and the digital age. His engaging, fluid style and wealth of experience makes him a relevant ideal choice for a keynote speaker.

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Matthew d’Ancona is a political columnist for prestigious publications such as The Guardian, Evening Standard, International New York Times and GQ. He is also an author and was Editor of the Spectator from 2006-2009, leading the publication through the digital age. He is an engaging and interesting conference and after dinner speaker on politics and current affairs.

Editor of the Spectator from 2006 to 2009, Matthew had previously been political columnist and Deputy Editor at The Sunday Telegraph.

Matthew D'Ancona was named Current Affairs Magazine Editor of the Year in the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards in 2007. Under his editorship, the Spectator achieved record circulation and transformed its online presence.

He has also written acclaimed novels and books on early Christian theology. Alongside writing his columns, he is also a regular presenter on Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen Mary University.

After joining The Sunday Telegraph in 1996 as deputy comment editor and columnist, he became Deputy Editor, and wrote a weekly political column in The Sunday Telegraph for a decade. Matthew took over editorship of The Spectator from Boris Johnson.

He has taken on freelance work and dabbled in Hollywood duties, as scriptwriter for a film about the art historian Bernard Berenson. He also wrote a History of England with John Cleese.

Matthew is an engaging and passionate speaker on politics and current affairs. With his vast experience in political journalism and the digital revolution, he can bring a wealth of knowledge to any live event. His intelligence and enthusiasm ensures he is an ideal speaker for both keynotes and after-dinners.

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