Dan Germain, Linda Moir and Martin McCourt Inspire at Square Meal and HBAA

Speakers Corner, HBAA and Square Meal presented two different yet equally exciting and inspirational events, with three of our top speakers - Linda Moir, who coordinated the Gamesmakers at London 2012; the brains behind the Dyson brand, Martin McCourt, and Mr. Innocent himself, Dan Germain.

The HBAA annual forum took place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September 2014 in Central London. The highly regarded industry event encouraged and facilitated innovative conversations about the industry’s most current and pressing issues.

With a host of brilliant and engaging speakers, including one of Speakers Corner’s most popular corporate keynotes - Martin McCourt - the audience was treated to pearls of wisdom, inspirational tales, and challenging panel debates.

Dyson’s former Chief Executive Martin McCourt was the brains that turned the brand into an international big-hitter, breaking the Japanese and German markets – previously known for their white goods loyalty to their own brands. Martin is an innovative thinker with unparalleled knowledge of sales and marketing.

At Speakers Corner’s event in collaboration with Square Meal, Dan Germain, Innocent’s Group Head of Brand and Creative, has built the brand, the voice, the look and the ideas of the forward-thinking business from the outset. He expounded his knowledge and experiences with wit, charisma and an unshakeable determination to be a market leader.

Also at the Square Meal event was the engaging, fascinating and delightful Linda Moir, who coordinated the Gamesmakers at London 2012, and was formerly Director of In-Flight Services at Virgin Atlantic.

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