Derek Redmond: What Makes an Inspirational Celebrity


As well as his status as one of the UK’s most revered athletes, Derek Redmond is also a person of true worth – one of those rare human beings whose strength of spirit is not only admirable but has made him a true icon of the determination that has increasinlgy filtered through British sport.

Derek's achievements are even more amazing considering he's been retired from sport for well over 20 years and during his career suffered numerous injuries that would have almost certainly ended the career of a less determined athlete.

derek-redmond-31-jpg.JPG Ironically, Derek is probably best known, and loved, for the race where he finished last rather than the races that brought him Gold medals at British, Commonwealth, European and World level.

The 400 metres semi-final at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 assured his place in the history books forever. A favourite for the gold, Derek’s hamstring snapped 150 metres into the race. He fell to the ground but refused to give up. Derek fought the excruciating pain to stagger to his feet, and was joined by his dad Jim, who broke through security and helped him hobble across the finish line.

derek-and-his-dad-jpg.JPG The emotional footage is a Youtube favourite and is still watched all over the world over 20 years later.

Derek was even mentioned by US president Barack Obama during his speech about the Olympic spirit.

Now a motivational speaker of the highest calibre, Derek uses the corporate setting to impart the message of preseverance, tenacity and persistence, to inspire audiences to face adversity and to never give up.

“These days I spend a lot of my working time helping others make the most of themselves.

As a Motivational and Keynote speaker I love working with others, including students or employees of companies, to help them get the best out of themselves in order to achieve their goals.”

“Surviving a career full of setbacks and injuries,” he adds, “and no less than 15 operations, I use these to teach others what it takes to reach the top regardless of the setbacks you may experience along the way.”

Derek especially enjoys working with and inspiring students as they “soak up information like sponges” and a few hours spent in his company have an enormous effect on the students.

Derek’s mantra is: “Let the worst day of my sporting life be the best day of the rest of your life”.

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