Inspirational Celebrities

What makes a person a celebrity? The term was originally coined for those special human beings who have risen above the ranks of ‘normality’ to become known to the public at large for a plethora of achievements. Some have discovered a cure for a killer disease; others have made music that has defined a generation; actors; artists; writers; scientists; politicians; TV presenters, and those inhabiting hundreds of other platforms which act as springboards to launch the careers of some of the most talented and driven individuals on earth.

Now stretched to encompass the novel phenomenon of Reality TV ‘stars’; the term celebrity depicts a person or personality known to the average Joe in the street.

In the experience of the Speakers Corner team those celebrities who can lift a corporate event to an exceptional and unique height are those who have achieved; have overcome adversity or are simply exceptional human beings, in short, inspirational celebrities.

The Speakers Corner team has compiled a list of our top ten inspirational celebrities:

Rebecca voted for John Timpson, who has fostered over 80 children, whom he raised together with his own five. His son James Timpson campaigns for Make Justice Work, an organisation dedicated to getting offenders into work.

Sophie’s sporting inspiration is Gavin Hastings who raises enormous amounts for charities, in particular for research and cures for neurological disorders.

martine-wright-70x70-jpg.JPGDebbie has selected Martine Wright, Paralympic champion who survived the London 7/7 bombings, as well as Miles Hilton Barber, one of Speakers Corner’s favourite inspirational speakers – a man who has achieved unfathomable success and has thwarted his blindness by achieving what others only dream of.

Nick’s picks are brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, founders of Free the Children - a unique organization which has built more than 500 schools in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Ranulph Fiennes - Britain’s greatest living adventurer – was a popular choice, especially from Helena – one of his biggest fans – and Paula has gone for actor Ian Somerhalder for his work on global conservation, animals welfare and for founding the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

Rhona is highly impressed with Katie Piper – model and survivor of a brutal acid attack which has left her scarred for life. Katie is on a mission to help teenagers redefine their ideals of ‘beauty’.

And Jason truly believes that comedian and actor Brian Blessed is one of the most inspirational celebritiesbrian-blessed-70x70-jpg.JPG who should be lauded for his incredible achievements and his history of overcoming adversity.

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