Nigel Barlow: What it really takes to be an Innovator

Innovation is the buzz word on the lips of every business leader. My work with clients around the world is to help them clarify what it means for them, and to understand what it takes: courage, belief, tolerance of failure and a willingness to take risks.

There’s a clue to the meaning of innovation in its central syllable -‘ nova’, meaning newness. Innovators like to do things differently.

However, much business creativity is about doing things better. In the automotive industry there have only been half a dozen breakthrough or ‘disruptive’ leaps, but literally thousands of creative improvements. It’s why your car starts in the morning - but doing what everybody else does is not enough to make your product or service stand out from the pack.

So what do we in a world where all cars start, where one mobile phone, PC, or airline looks identical? This is where the few bold ones need to pioneer something truly different. Does your business have what it takes to be an innovator?

Nigel Barlow

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