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Rene Carayol Says 'Yes We Can!'

Keynote speaker, facilitator and business expert Rene Carayol looks forward to the post-recession landscape, and discusses the paramount requirement that businesses will need to navigate it – effective leadership.

As the economy continues its stuttering recovery, says Rene, it is incumbent on all business leaders to ensure they are engaging with their people to prepare them for the shift in mind set necessary to capitalise on the return of ‘growth’.

Most organisations have already begun the move towards a more positive strategy, but very few are actively working to shift both the mind sets and culture of their organisations from ‘restructure’ to ‘transformation’.

Recessions are never acts of God, they are man-made, and are caused by a collective loss of confidence.  In much the same vein, the recovery, is also man-made, and is all about the collective return of confidence.

The New Age leader must infuse the organisation with a new-found confidence and realistic optimism.  This is easier said than done, especially for those firms who were brilliant at battening down the hatches, cutting costs and being risk averse around the utilisation of their increasingly scarce resources.

The real trick here, is to better understand the difference between cost and investment.  We will never go back to the heady days before 2007. Many have termed our current predicament, the “New Normal”.  This can make us believe that there will never be cause for optimism or confidence again – we completely disagree with this.  It was the right message for recent years, but we now need a new more optimistic message.

We are living in VUCA (Volatile – Unpredictable – Complex - Ambiguous) times.  The rules of engagement have changed forever, and whereas before the recession; a good enough brand, a good enough product or service with a good enough strategy and a good enough management team, was good enough – this is no longer the case!

What is needed now is leadership, and leadership that can energise your people towards your vision.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership.

René Carayol is one of the UK’s leading business gurus and whilst never encouraging his audience to forget the harsh lessons they have learnt in the past few years, he is able to infuse them with both the courage and energy to deliver a far more promising future.

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