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Speakers Corner Celebrates Summer Festivals

As summer approaches, Speakers Corner takes great delight in the lure of festivals throughout the country celebrating the finest talents in science, literature, arts and food.

For bookies, there’s Althorp, Borders, Queen’s Park and Stoke Newington; for science bods Cheltenham’s the place to be, and for culinary enthusiasts, Taste London and Jamie Oliver and Alex James’ Feastival cannot be beaten.

What is the draw that makes the UK so prolific in its festival offerings? Do the long winters guarantee disproportionate levels of excitement at the first rays of sun, and therefore a full house at any event that conjures images of sunburned brits under wide-brimmed hats sipping al fresco tipples?

Or is the high-level content genuinely the primary appeal of these outdoor galas? Experts, gurus, writers and keynote speakers are brimming with knowledge, expertise and engaging tales of their trade, and the festivals offer handfuls of them at once – who could resist?

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