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Significant and resounding, the World Economic Forum held in the fairy-tale snowscaped Swiss town of Davos, was filled with optimism this year, as the 2014 delegates enjoyed the first taste of what is promising to be a thaw in the icy international economic landscape.

For over forty years, leaders from fields as diverse as academia, the media, industry and finance, have converged on the snowy slopes with an informed and resolute agenda, to shape global financial prospects and to dissect their implications.

At Speakers Corner we always keep a close eye on events at Davos. The sparkling guest list included some of our finest, most informed speakers, often controversial but always inspiring. Brimming with optimism, regret, fearsome rhetoric and impressive interpretations of economic patterns, these speakers are the world’s foremost experts in the field, and always have opinions worth listening to.

Some of the top speakers on finance and economics include Rene Carayol, Andrew Scott, Jeffrey Robinson, Robert Peston, Andrew Neil and Norman Lamont. They all imbue the potentially dry subject with a passion and an engaging delivery that clarifies the subject, and absorbs their audiences.

Also high on our list of respected and popular speakers on the subject are Oliver Kamm, Anatole Kaletsky, Anthony Hilton, Tim Harford, Daniel Finkelstein, Declan Curry, Roger Bootle, Giles Andrews, Ricardo Amorim, and David Blanchflower.

Dennis Turner and Douglas McWilliams are leading thinkers in the field, and Linda Yueh and Gillian Tett prove that money matters do not exist solely in the male domain.

Historically, revolutionary ideas have emerged from the forum, and as a talking shop, it’s the ideal event for leaders to network and converge, to create a lasting and imposing agenda for the year to come.

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