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As the world of business continues to foster an increased awareness of sustainability, international corporate events are more and more aware of their carbon footprints and of the positive environmental messages they convey.

At Speakers Corner, the subject has always been emotive and fascinating, with intrigue driven by the array of leading sustainability and CSR speakers on our books. We’ve also partnered with The Sustainable Events Summit, set up to support a community which inspires the on-going nurturing of a worldwide sustainable event industry, which to us is crucial and invigorating.

Dan Germain, Lucy Siegle, Michael Pawlyn and Sahar Hashemi take centre stage to invoke in delegates a knowledge, need and desire to commit to awareness and action in every event they plan, as well as guidance for practical measures to implement our collective responsibility.

Speaker Profiles:

Dan Germain - "Sustainability is written through our brand like a stick of rock, for a simple reason – no planet, no people. And without people (and a planet), we’d have a hard time staying in business.”

Michael Pawlyn - One of the lead architects on the Eden Project, and director of Exploration, Michael Pawlyn is a passionate advocate of, and keynote speaker on biomimicry and sustainable architecture.

Sahar Hashemi - An acknowledged expert on growing a business from the first seed of a great idea into a thriving high-street venture.

Lucy Siegle is one of the UK’s most recognisable opinion forming journalists on environmental issues and ethical consumerism, devoted to widening their appeal.

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