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Presenter, author, businessman and property investor, Phil is best known as Kirstie Allsopp’s business partner and co-presenter on the Channel 4 property series 'Location, Location, Location'. He is a qualified surveyor whose property experience, along with proven negotiation skills, provides clients with some of the best property advice in the market.

A: £15K & Over

Phil Spencer is best known as Kirstie Allsopp ’s business partner and co-presenter on the Channel 4 property series 'Location, Location, Location'.

Phil’s passion for property emerged when, after a stint working for an estate agent in Canterbury, he decided to head to University and sat a 4-year degree course in General Practice Surveying at London’s Southbank University. Having gained his Surveying degree, in 1996 Phil founded the company Garrington Home Finders, and was one of the very first property professionals to specialize in looking after the interests of purchasers. The business model took off and has since been much emulated.

As founder and Chief Executive, Phil developed Garrington over the following 12 years into an organisation with 4 offices, a staff of 30 and an annual turnover of £3.5 million. Although he has not been involved with the business since 2008, Garrington continues to thrive and is run out of offices in Cambridge

A natural ability to understand and interpret house hunters’ needs, to find them houses and to negotiate deals led Phil to being contacted by a Scottish production company. They were looking to develop a program idea that followed the thrills and spills of couples going out house hunting, but had limited knowledge of what was actually involved in the process. Although initially approached for his property advice and as a consultant on the format, he was subsequently asked to record a screen test as presenter. Kirstie and Phil then screen tested together and immediately hit it off. ‘Location Location Location’ was born.

Phil has since gone on to present numerous other TV shows including; 'Relocation, Relocation', 'Location Revisited', 'Location on First Time Buyers', 'Phil Spencer: Secret Agent' and 'Secret Agent Down Under'.

Phil also provides non-biased property opinion for several leading property publications, national newspapers and TV programs and has become known as the 'Voice of the buyer'. He has a property column for London Agents South Magazine, has appeared in Home Buyer magazine and Night & Day in the Mail on Sunday and has a monthly column in The Sunday Times.

His experience in business and presenting coupled with a warm and engaging manner make him a popular choice for corporate videos, after dinner speaking and awards hosting.

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