Event Tips 10 Leadership Speakers To Steer You In The Right Direction

10 Leadership Speakers To Steer You In The Right Direction

Businesses have a vast array of purposes and visions, but they all rely on one thing to thrive: strong leadership. Whether you are the CEO of a multinational corporation, or the founder of an SME, all businesses rely on extraordinary leaders to guide their team towards a common goal. It might sound simple, but the task isn’t easy!

We know this because our leadership speakers are consistently in high demand. Here at Speakers Corner, we understand that strong, inspiring and motivational leadership is the key to business success.. Without further ado, we have listed 10 incredible leadership speakers – from variety of industries – to steer you in the right direction.

Sir Terry Leahy


As the genius behind Tesco, Terry is in high demand as a leadership speaker. With a low-key leadership style and focus on experience, Terry led Tesco to retail dominance through adventurous schemes and global expansion. The perfect speaker to confidently educate audiences.

Lord Sebastian Coe 


World record setter, one of the UK’s greatest runners, Chairman of London 2012, President of the IAAF and MP… Lord Coe has many strings to his bow! A born leader, with political and strategic expertise, Lord Coe is unprecedented in his delivery on leadership, collaboration and resilience.

Jo Malone CBE


The name says it all! From mixing bath oils in her kitchen to becoming the pioneer of creative fragrance, Jo’s professional journey is fascinating. She engages her audience as a keynote speaker, showing that the right blend of creativity and persistence make for a successful formula in business.

Benjamin Zander 


There is no speaker quite like Benjamin. Vibrant and passionate, the former conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra now dedicates his time to keynote speaking globally. Expect audience engagements and revolutionary leadership ideas: this speaker will not let you down!

Isabel Aguilera 


As the former CEO of Google Iberia and of General Electric Spain and Portugal, Isabel’s leadership keynote will not disappoint. She can deliver on topics from competitive leadership and successful human resource management, to new technologies and challenges of the 21st century.

Professor Gareth Jones 


Gareth’s experience marries together the worlds of academia and business. Formerly the Director of HR and Internal Comms at the BBC, Gareth is a leading expert in the culture of leadership. His academic expertise means he can translate complex management jargon into something more digestible. Let Gareth do the work so you don’t have to!   

Dame Stella Rimington 


Dame Stella is nothing short of extraordinary. As the former director of the security services (MI5), Stella’s anecdotes are some of the most enthralling on the corporate circuit. She is an extremely sought-after speaker, whose expertise covers leadership, teamwork and women’s issues. 

René Carayol MBE


René delivers an unforgettable lesson on leadership. As one of the world’s leading business gurus and mentors, René has seen the rise and fall of many CEOs in leading corporations. He offers practical solutions to problems and hisexpert approach to leadership covers culture, creating emotional connections and the power of collaboration.

Lucy Adams


Lucy is the ideal speaker when it comes to leading change in a high-profile environment. She is currently the MD of Firehouse and creator of ‘Disruptive HR’, but before that she led the BBC through a turbulent period as their HR Director. Inspiration for tumultuous times!

Jeff Grout


Jeff is the leadership all-rounder. From consulting and coaching, to managing Sir Clive Woodward, Jeff’s wealth of industry experience means he can speak on a vast array of topics. To give you a flavor, his keynote topics include leading change, team building and peak performance.
...And that's just your starter for 10, as we have many more expert leadership speakers just waiting to help your senior teams lead from the front.   

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