10 Life Changing Ideas in Time Magazine

6 March 2012

As society changes, futurists  at Time magazine explore ten ideas that have altered the way we live and will continue to do so until the world becomes unrecognisable.

1. Living alone is the new norm.
“The extraordinary rise of solitary living is the biggest social change that we’ve neglected to identify, let alone examine,” according to Eric Klinenberg, professor of Sociology at New York University.

2.  The Rise of the Nones.
“As the ‘Not Church’ community shows, many of those who have given up organised religion have not given up on faith,” says Time writer Amy Sullivan.

3. Your Head is in the Cloud.
“Each day the average American spend about 12 hours consuming information, taking in more than 100,000 words that total 34 gigabytes of data,” according to writer Annie Murphy Paul.

4. Handprints, not Footprints.
“If 25% of families used 10 fewer plastic bags each month, the savings would add up to over 2.5 billion bags a year,” writes author Daniel Goleman.

5. Food That Lasts Forever.
“Want to shop once a month? New techniques can keep meals fresh longer – much longer,” writes science writer Deborah Blum.

6. Black Irony.
Toure, author of Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?, says: “NBA star Kevin Durant’s nerd chic pokes at images of tough black masculinity; Barantunde Thurston’s list of ways to celebrate Black History Month includes using a slavery photo for a screensaver.”

7. High Status Stress.
“Younger workers in high-achieving occupations are often less stressed than their older colleagues, who remember the days when answering work emails and texts was not a 24/7 obligation,” according to Judith Warner, Time columnist.

8. Privacy in Public.
Massimo Calabresi says that there is now a legal right to privacy in public spaces for the first time in American history, thanks to a Supreme Court decision.

9. Nature is Over.
Bryan Walsh says that humans have had a direct impact on more than three-quarters of the ice-free land on earth. Almost 90% of plant activity takes place in eco-systems where people play a significant role.

10. Niche Ageing.
Harriet Barovick writes that themed communities are taking aim at groups ranging from gay and Asian retirees to country music buffs.

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