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Blog 8 Business Speakers Who Share Their Secrets to Success

8 Business Speakers Who Share Their Secrets to Success

Here at Speakers Corner, we receive dozens of enquiries for our business speakers. From entrepreneurs and tycoons, to board executives and founders, we are often asked for a speaker who can lend some advice for their own journey to success. The best business speakers can rejuvenate both leaders and employees, understanding that all tiers of a company hold equal importance. 
With so many amazing business speakers, from retail and tech, to entertainment and innovation, we have rounded up 8 of our favourites. Each with an impressive repertoire, these speakers not only hold the secrets to success, but are world class at delivering them. 

Karren Brady


Instantly recognisable, Karren is an iconic business speaker. With MD of Birmingham City Football Club and Alan Sugar’s assistant on The Apprentice under her belt, Karren has some of the best business insights out there – no wonder she was rated among the 50 most inspirational people in the world!

Marc Randolph


A veteran of Silicon Valley! Marc is the co-founder of Netflix, as well as an executive mentor and angel investor. He knows all there is to know about successful start-ups, and is the ideal speaker to help any business strive for innovation and overcome adversity.

Justin King


As a business speaker, Justin truly knows the value in putting the customer first. As the former CEO of Sainsbury’s and current Vice Chairman and Head of Portfolio Businesses at Terra Firma, Justin’s industry knowledge is an invaluable asset to any corporate event.

Deborah Meaden


Archetypal entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden is a role model for so many in business. As one of the longest-standing and most popular investors on Dragon’s Den, Deborah is in high demand as a speaker. Not only will her expertise enlighten her listeners, her audience interation will endlessly engage.

Sir Stuart Rose


King of retail! Stuart turned Marks & Spencer from failing to thriving and now sits as The Non-Executive Director and Chairman Designate of Ocado. An embracer of change and expert in turbulent conditions, Stuart can guide companies through uncertainty with ease.

Jonas Kjellberg


As the former MD of Skype, Jonas is proof of the power of a single idea to innovate an entire sector. A seriel entrepreneur, investor and author, Jonas is motivated to change the game, and is a captivating speaker as a result.

Martha Lane Fox


Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, CBE has a wealth of impressive titles. Founder of doteveryone.org.uk, Chancellor of the Open University, cross-bench peer in the House of Lords, Co-Founder of lastminute.com, board member at Twitter and Chanel...the list goes on! Martha is the epitome of success and is an assett to any corporate event.

Jack Welch


Not many people can say they grew a business by 4000%, but that is exactly what Jack did during his time as CEO at General Electric. A business legend, Jack’s keynotes are astute and insightful. His delivery is warm and packed with humour – a refreshing feel in the world of business.

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