8 Sustainability Speakers To Help You Make A Difference

5 July 2022

We know that the environment needs our attention, and we know that sustainability is a key word in the targets of many businesses and policies. But what does it really mean?

Often the best way to learn more about a topic is to listen to a captivating speaker  tell a story.

In light of the huge environmental challenges the world is facing, we have rounded up 8 amazing speakers who interact with the theme of sustainability.

Their stories work to transform environmental apathy, and while no two speakers are the same, their prevalence only enhances how widespread sustainability is as an issue.

Gabrielle Walker

Gabrielle Walker is a writer, broadcaster, and strategist who has witnessed, and studied, climate change at first hand. Gabrielle remains optimistic about human endeavours to reverse or reduce the damage done with planning, collaboration and innovation. 

Gabrielle considers the inter-connected scientific, technological, economic and also political aspects of climate change, addressing sustainability, the circular economy and energy affect investment, reputation and long-term risk in her talks to audiences.

Great speaker on a very important topic and was very well received by all in the room!

Lewis Pugh

As well as being the only person to have completed a long-distance swim in every ocean, Lewis is also a sustainability advocate. Having lived (and swam) through the repercussions of climate change, Lewis has a strong voice in the realm of conservation. He even helped to negotiate a protected area of Antarctica!

As a speaker, Lewis is a vivid storyteller who enthralls his audience with vital messages to help businesses at every level to survive and thrive.

Sally Uren

As Chief Executive of leading sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future, Sally has overall responsibility for delivering Forum’s mission to create a sustainable future. 

A leading figure in global business, Sally is well-placed to deliver a keynote speech on the environment, challenging businesses to think sustainably and the global economy. Sally’s calm confidence and extensive knowledge make her an excellent choice for the speaking circuit. 

Chris Hines

An environmental campaigner, Chris Hines endeavours to find solutions to problems through communication, this led him to driving a £5 billion spend on the UK's coastline. He has presented his research to Commons and Lords Select Committees, the Monopolies and Mergers Commission and the European Parliament and Commission. 

During his time at The Eden Project, Chris conceived and managed the Waste Neutral concept. As well as Waste Neutral Chris was responsible for Eden's sustainability programme, including the implementation of the PANTS process - Eden's version of triple bottom line accounting. This aimed to ensure that Eden practiced what it preached and became a leader not only in rhetoric but equally in its own operations.

On the day Chris did a fantastic job of building on previous presentations and sharing his experiences and inspiring our delegates.

Jessica Sansom is the former Head of Sustainability at innocent drinks, where she was led the company's commitment to become a highly successful model of sustainable capitalism - working to negate major impact areas, engage and motivate employees, influence supply chain and industry, and developing a business model to proactively address global sustainability challenges and ensure the long term viability of the business.

Jessica's experience from the inside of a growing company whose focus is on CSR as much as on sales and customer service, makes her the perfect freelance consultant and corporate speaker to inspire entrepreneurs and established business audiences equally.

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn has been described as a pioneer of regenerative design and biomimicry. He established his firm Exploration Architecture in 2007 to focus on high performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. The company has developed a ground-breaking office project, an ultra-low energy data centre, a zero waste textiles factory and progressive solutions for green cities.

Michael is a brilliant sustainability and green speaker who is able to confidently explain energy and climate change solutions to all kinds of audiences, discuss biomimicry and sustainability in a keynote speech and share stories from his time on the Eden Project.

A tremendous inspiration to all and the response has been fantastic. It was the best presentation I have ever experienced!

Tessa Clarke is the Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO, the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app, with over 2.5 million users worldwide. In her talks she shares what it's like to launch a start-up business while looking after a young family, what a 'remote-first' business looks like, how to create a truly inclusive culture in the workplace.

Sir Tim Smit KBE

Tim is the co-founder and vice chairman of the Eden Project in Cornwall. Like the Eden Project itself, Tim’s keynotes are all about innovation, creativity and sustainability. His inspiring ideas are applicable to large-scale projects as well as the home and garden and are a great way of encouraging an audience to start off with small steps towards sustainability at home.

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