A Day in the Life of a Logistics Coordinator at Speakers Corner

16 July 2019

The life of a Logistics Coordinator is to date something left largely unexplored within the speaker bureau ecosystem, and as such we have little knowledge on the interactions and motivations which make up their existence within their Speakers Corner habitat.

Having recently spent several months following the movements of several members of this rare breed, we have made some ground-breaking discoveries which may lead to a better understanding why they are a key member of the Speakers Corner fauna.

As the sun breaks across the open-plan Speakers Corner office, the Logistics Coordinators are seen emerging from their various London boroughs, slowly but surely taking their places around the Logistics Pod.

Interestingly, the Logistics Coordinators have chosen the far end of the office as their territory, which is where the stationary is locked away and there is a direct route to our clean water source.

With a hop, skip and a jump, this rare breed settle down into their unique daily routine; scribbling notes, solving queries, managing travel, sourcing accommodation, negotiating contracts – all to keep the engine room in tick tock shape.

Sustenance is key for survival, as observed by the numerous snack drawers they have access to. The collective work together to feed the busy hive, utilising a deft, swift movement to pull out a small snack, daintily section off what they wish to eat, and then place the rest back in the drawer for later.

A truly amazing phenomenon. Logisticians have an unnerving way to subconsciously communicate to their fellow comrades when a problem arises.

Like meerkats, they peer over their computer screens while on a call to place everyone on a state of readiness. Their fellow coordinators, understanding immediately what has been requested of them, will signal with a series of movements that they are ready for action. It could be a swift phone call to cajole a late-running conference call participant, or they could swoop onto travel sites checking for delays, departures and alternative transport methods. The alert is often declared safe with a series of hand gestures, usually ending in either a thumbs up or a shoulder shrug.

If however a problem decides, after quietly stalking the Speakers Corner herd for a while, that it wishes to pounce and catch them unawares, then the Logistics Team act with a speed and united purpose that is really rather wonderful to behold.

Let us take, for example, a situation in which a Speaker has had their flight cancelled due to tempestuous weather and they are due to speak in a remote part of Italy in 5 hours.

Within seconds, the Logistics Coordinator in charge of said event is calling their fellow Coordinators to attention, divvying tasks and setting out a plan of action.

In this instance, this would look something like:

  1. One Coordinator calls the speaker to find out exactly what the airline is saying about the flight’s status and to reassure them that the team are working on finding a solution-
  2. Another couple of Coordinators would be looking at other possible flight paths and figuring out what the airline’s policy is in reference to getting their passengers to their destination via another flight
  3. A new route/departure time would be provisionally set out and communicated to the Speaker
  4. An arrival time would be calculated
  5. The Client would be informed of the new arrival time if it changes any of their plans for pick-up or hotel check-in

Just like that the Logistics Coordinators pull this situation back from the brink of chaos, restoring the natural order of the event and allowing Speakers Corner to trundle along as usual. What miraculous creatures.

We have reached the end of our first expedition into the special breed of logistical coordinators, but with more to follow we can’t wait to share our incredible findings with you.

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