News Alexis Conran Wins Celebrity Masterchef

Alexis Conran Wins Celebrity Masterchef

Alexis Conran was famed for The Real Hustle, the BBC Three show that taught viewers the risks of scams, using real-life examples to illustrate the danger of something seeming too good to be true.  

Moving away from slight of hand tricks and card games Alexis took on his latest challenge of Celebrity Masterchef, and he knew how to hustle that too - through hard work, skill and dedication he won the competition! Drawing on his Greek heritage, Alexis brought some traditional culinary delights to the table improving from strength to strength as the competition progressed.

After the result was announced Alexis looked overwhelmed and unbelievably happy. Following the show, in a BBC Breakfast interview, Alexis claimed it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. he described the whole process as addictive, he was constantly thinking of the next dish he wanted to make and he couldn't switch off from the competition. 

The winning dish Alexis served was octopus stifado with fava, stuffed chicken ballotine wrapped in parma ham for main and a dessert of walnut filo pastry pinwheels combined with yoghurt, condensed milk, fig and edible flowers.

The Masterchef champion commented that the biggest lesson he learnt was that add butter to all your food, it makes everything taste better! 

Alexis is available for all types of speaking events, an expert in security and risk he can offer an insightful keynote speech or entertain a crowd with his professional magician skills. 


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