Looking Beyond Wealth - The Alternative Rich List

11 May 2017

On Sunday, Skoda UK partnered with The Sunday Times to create an alternative to its famous Rich List.

The Alternative Rich List was intended to showcase people who have riches beyond wealth, taking into account criteria such as being 'Creative & Fearless' and 'Altruistic & Compassionate'.

Judged by a panel which included Natasha Kaplinsky  and Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, the resulting list celebrates those who, as Skoda put it, lead extraordinary, worthwhile and satisfying lives.

Here at Speakers Corner, we are dedicated to providing our clients with speakers of real value who have something worthwhile to say and will leave an impact that lasts long beyond the day of their speech. It was no surprise, then, that we know and work with most of the people mentioned on the list.

While the stories of these individuals inspire us all on a personal level, many of them can bring this to a larger stage by way of event speaking. Could your company benefit from the entrepreneurial story of Jamal Edwards ?  Will Lewis Pugh’s  tales of never giving up inspire your staff to strive to achieve the impossible? Take a look at the videos, interviews  and biographies of some of those featured below to find out more. (And don't forget that more of those featured on the list may not be on our website, but are on our database of over 6000 speakers!)

So if you enjoyed the Alternative Rich List, read on to find out more about some of those featured, and perhaps see how they can help your business to become richer in a measure beyond wealth.

Judging Panel: Natasha Kaplinsky

One of our favourite hosts, Natasha Kaplinsky sat on the judging panel for the shortlisting of The Alternative Rich List, saying that 'Putting together the Alternative Rich list has been a source of inspiration fo everyone involved'.

An experienced facilitator and host, when we interviewed Natasha she said that 'I find it very humbling to share a platform every day with people who have done amazing things', so no wonder she made the perfect judge for the list. Read more of Natasha's interview with Speakers Corner by clicking the photo above.

Assisting the Judging Panel: David Aaronovitch

Assisting and moderating was David Aaronovitch. David is very knowledgeable and personable facilitator for our events, so we expect that he was perfect for the role! David recently spoke to us about the issues surrounding the proliferation of Fake News stories in the media. See what he said...

Some of our speakers who made the list

Kanya King MBE

It's no wonder that Kanya King made the list. An inspiring entrepreneur, who risked her home to set up the MOBO Awards, Kanya has turned what was initially an awards ceremony into a global brand, which sets agenda's across the world and nurtures new talent. To find out more about Kanya, read her bio below.

Lewis Pugh

A man who has done amazing things in just his speedos, Lewis Pugh embodies the Alt Rich List criteria of enduring and persevering - having undertaken the challenge of swimming in freezing Arctic waters in just his trunks to highlight and draw attention to marine and wildlife issues. Having successfully helped to negotiate the largest protected area in the world in the Ross Sea, Lewis inspires audiences with his tales and wows them with some really stunning imagery to bring to life his adventures. Read more about Lewis in his blog below - or watch him action at our Knowlege Guild event.

Or watch Lewis speaking at our Knowledge Guild event - click below

Jamal Edwards MBE

Jamal Edwards started his online music channel SBTV aged just 15. As a determined and inspirational entrepreneur, Jamal's energy for doing great things for creative industries saw him included in the list. Jamal is a natural and intelligent speaker, making him a great choice to show all businesses how entrepreneurial mindset can create true innovation. See footage of Jamal below.

Karen Darke

Karen Darke has always been a keen adventurer, but when she fell off of a cliff aged just 21 she became paralysed from the chest down. However, Karen has embraced life to achieve amazing things, including a gold medal in the Paralympics, which no doubt are what make her 'alternatively rich'. Take a look at Karen's biography to see how she could help you and your business to achieve the impossible.

David Hieatt

Alongside wife Claire, David's founding of The Do Lectures catapulted him onto the list. David's expertise in branding and building business have ensured that he is a very in-demand keynote speaker. Find out more about David below.

We loved this list and certainly agree that there are more ways to be rich than adding up the money in the bank.

To find out more about these or any of our speakers, do give us a call on 020 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk. We love to chat!

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