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Interview An Interview with Alastair Campbell

An Interview with Alastair Campbell

Arguably the most famous Press Secretary the UK has ever seen, Alastair is an intelligent and insightful keynote speaker.

Who do you think has been the most effective politician of the last ten years?

Angela Merkel.

How did you get into corporate speaking?

I left Downing Street in 2003, and the offers just started coming in. They have never stopped really.

Which event has been your favourite and why?

I like it when I make a speech around specific themes related to the audience, and get a note back afterwards saying they have changed their approach to something as a result. I have also done a lot of speaking on mental illness to corporations which previously didn't take it seriously, and I have enjoyed that, and seeing them change their attitudes.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Personally, probably rebuilding my life after a major nervous breakdown in 1986, and overcoming depression since.

Why do you enjoy being a speaker?

It forces me to keep thinking and rethinking my views about current affairs. I also like to see if things I know and skills I know about can be transferable.

If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?

The celebration of Labour's election win 2015, or the reception for Burnley's win in the Champions League 2018!

What do you do to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact?

Try to make complex issues simple, especially with regard to strategy. Use words to paint pictures.

What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?

How to apply certain strategic principles to anything.

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

Bike, bit of work, watch football, early dinner with family, cinema, finish a good book.

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