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Interview An Interview with Philip Escoffey (The Grey Man)

An Interview with Philip Escoffey (The Grey Man)

After dinner entertainer Philip Escoffey occupies a unique world – that of mind readers, the paranormal and psychics.

Philip Escoffey

When you are working your mind must be working so hard, how easy to do find it to switch off and how do you do it?

There is a certain level of concentration required however I'm one of the lucky people who does something that they love for a living. As a result, the hard work never feels quite as hard as it might.

How did you discover you had a talent for reading people's minds?

I've always been fascinated by people and the decisions that they make. An understanding of that process is certainly useful. Things really take off though when you realise that people want to believe that you can.

Do you need any special condition under which to work?

Not particularly. As a rule, the more relaxed and comfortable the subject is, the better, which is partly why I strive to be as charming and reassuring as possible with anyone delightful enough to come up on stage.

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