Andi Peters: From CBBC to Fitness Guru

26 November 2012

Andi Peters has switched the Broom Cupboard for the gym!

Peters is probably best known as the weedy children’s TV presenter , who began his career alongside Edd the Duck, on the CBBC show, The Broom Cupboard, before moving on to becoming one of the most iconic presenters of Live & Kicking and CITV shows.

Since his fame in the world of children’s television, Peters has dabbled in other aspects of TV, producing Top of the Pops and also appearing in talent shows, such as Celebrity Masterchef, but his latest venture is much more surprising.

In 2007, Peters appeared on the cover of Men’s Health, looking extremely buff, having hit the gym for six weeks for the Celebrity Six-Pack Challenge. As a result, he now has his own modelling agency, having realised a gap in the market for UK fitness models.

When talking about what inspired him to start up the agency, he claimed, ‘all the guys making it big in fitness modelling are from the USA, the UK must be able to offer up better,’ and clearly they do, as one of his models, Stuart Tomlinson, appeared on last month’s cover of Men’s Health.

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