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News Author, actress & comedienne, Meera Syal plays Shirley Valentine

Author, actress & comedienne, Meera Syal plays Shirley Valentine

The star of Goodness Gracious Me and the Kumars, Meera Syal brings her own special talent in the role of Shirley Valentine, made famous and played by Pauline Collins in the film version.

As part of a Willy Russell season as the Chocolate Mernier Factory, featuring two of his award-winning plays - Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita - Meera Syal has received rave reviews in the lead role of Shirley Valentine.

"The Willy Russell double bill at the Menier Chocolate Factory is a treat. Meera Syal is irresistible as Shirley Valentine: warm, communicative and bittersweet."
The Guardian

"I have no reservations at all however about Meera Syal who gives a heart-catching performance as Shirley Valentine, a Liverpool housewife in a dead marriage whose horizons have become so limited that she talks to the kitchen wall for company."
The Telegraph


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