Beatlemania is sweeping the world again and 'The Year of Music' has been launched in schools

10 September 2009

Beatlemania is sweeping the world again at the same time as 'The Year of Music' has been launched by schools minister Ed Balls.

What better timing to encourage music in schools than the release of 14 digitally remastered Beatle albums and a new video game.  It is 40 years since the famous four's last release.

The new Beatles boxed set includes all 12 of the group's albums and, although expensive, high sales are expected.

The new video game 'The Beatles: Rock Band' allows up to six people to play the Beatles' hit songs using controllers that mimic instruments.

'The Year of the Music' campaign is to encourage children to take up an instrument in a drive to create a generation of talented performers.  It is being supported by a host of musicians including Lily Allen, guitarist Slash, N-Dubz, Vanessa Mae, Dannii Minogue and others.  For starters, VV Brown, Killa Kela and Jamie Cullum who will give a 'music lesson' at a school in Acton, west London, which will be transmitted live to thousands of pupils across the country.

This is a major drive to get young people into music and by 2011 more than two million primary school pupils will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

"I want to create a generation of talented performers who can sing, dance, play instruments and fly the flag for Great Britain." said Ed Balls.

"Music is at the very heart of British popular culture - it's what kids talk about, it's what they aspire to.

"It's fantastic that TV talent shows like X Factor attract millions of viewers each week, but young people need to know that they can only become stars by mastering the basics when they're young and by learning about a range of music - from classical to country. This is exactly why we need world class music education in schools."

Beatlemania is also spilling over to the corporate sector and The Bootleg Beatles have never been more in demand for company dinners, award ceremonies etc.  Other performers and speakers are also seeing an upswing in popularity - including Charles Hazelwood , Midge Ure , David Grant , Benjamin Zander  and Miha Pogacnik .

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