Birthday Reflections From MD Nick Gold

Nick Gold 4 September 2015

So last week I had a big birthday and I took a moment to reflect.

Two scary thoughts arise from this opening statement, firstly I had a big birthday, I am old (at least this means my standard misery face can now be blamed on age). Secondly, the fact that I reflected…this is a wonderful new discovery to me, taking a moment to think – try it, it is fun!

Anyway, my reflection was around life and here is the thing….we go through life seeking happiness. This aim manifests itself in a multitude of ways and for different people, happiness is derived from a range of things.  But my realisation was that ultimately happiness derives from the experiences we have and seeking out (or stumbling across) those experiences that help change and improve us.  Why is this realisation important to me and why am I sharing? Well these experiences are what we at Speakers Corner get to share everyday with people through the speakers that attend events and deliver outstanding and amazing speeches and content.

Nick makes a wish.

The most privileged experience is when you are sitting in a conference room and there is a wonderful speaker in full flow and you gaze across the room and see the audience transfixed by the speaker.  You know (both through experience and because the audience members say it after) that the speaker is having a profound impact on people’s lives both in that moment but also in days to come.  How lucky am I that I both get to hear these speakers several times a week but also get to revel in the impact they spread.

So when I preach and pontificate about the importance of the right speaker at an event: to deliver to both the audience and the theme of the event; for clients to challenge both bureau and speaker on the quality and impact expected from a speaker, I do this because I want to share the belief that a great speaker, who has been selected for all the right reasons, can deliver.  

For clients, this means don’t sell your selves short in your expectations and goals from a speaker and the bureau.  For a speaker this means, strive every day to improve in terms of content - as well as delivery - so you have the impact that changes people’s lives.  For the team at Speakers Corner, it means enjoy, embrace and revel in the privileged opportunities we have to help people have new experiences.

Nick with his cake celebrating with a 'stripey' team.

Finally, for me, it means, celebrate every day with its new challenges and never to forget that I am so lucky to be doing what I do and that I have wonderful experiences every day.

So this is just to say thank you to our clients, to our speakers and most of all to my wonderful team for bringing happiness and experience to a lot of different people.

See what happens when you reach milestones, kinda happy I have 10 years ‘til I have to do any more reflecting.

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