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News Bob Stewart MP Comments on Secure Unit Escapes

Bob Stewart MP Comments on Secure Unit Escapes

Bob Stewart MP has expressed his dismay to mental health bosses over the recent escapes from the Bill Yule secure unit at Bethlem Hospital.

Stewart called on members of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust to improve communication and be more visible to local Councillors and the wider public.

Four teenagers escaped from the Bill Yule Secure Adolescent Unit at Bethem Hospital in  February 2012. They have since been returned.

Bob Stewart said: “The medium secure Bill Yule unit from which four young males absconded is now closed. I don’t expect it to be reopened unless, or until, it is as secure as the River House adult facility which has never had an escape since it opened in 2008. In addition I will be campaigning to ensure that any young person (under 18) who is released under escort for a visit is also fitted with an electronic tag on their ankle, as happens with adult patients.”

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