News Britain's Most Admired Companies 2013

Britain's Most Admired Companies 2013

The Management Today ‘Britain’s Most Admired Companies of 2013 Awards’ took place this month and the overall winner was Diageo; the companies are judged on their ability to innovate, quality of marketing, financial performance and the strength of their management.

Britains leading bosses appeared at the event and some of them gave their take on why their companies have been so successful in comparison to others. According to the editor of Management Today, Matthew Gwyther said Diageo won the award because they are a company on top of their game and have focused on exporting.

Chief Executive of BSI, Howard Kerr believes that they are one of Britain’s Most Admired Companies because they stand for quality, attention and reputation. He stated that business is always re-inventing itself and changing and success is not guaranteed. Howard believes that there is a dynamic business community in the UK with companies constantly innovating.

Howard stated that BSI shapes business principles; they then take those principles to markets and introduce them to customers, helping organisations to drive performance, manage risks and improve sustainability. He pointed out that there was a ‘pedigree of excellent businesses’ at the award ceremony.

Gayle Lacey is the UK Business Banking Head at HSBC and she said that HSBC has succeeded because they have built strong relationships with customers; it was a bank built for longevity, over a long period of time, thus they have been able to build trust with their customers. Gayle believes that having the right governance in place at all levels is important in order to maintain a great reputation.

Former Chief Executive of Diageo, Paul Walsh said that the company has succeeded due to the passion of the workforce; ‘all colleagues around the world have common view of what they want to make the company’. He is of the mindset that ‘Formal legislative governance catches up with what good companies do; leaders should be the Hallmark of good governance’.

Sandra Breene is the President of Consumer Care, Croda International and she pointed out the importance of Innovation within companies and stated that Croda International are constantly looking to take things to the next level; always looking for new products and new ways of doing things.

Finally, Peter Duffy the Marketing Director of Easy Jet said that their success was due to their focus on customer service whereas too many companies spend time on value. He also stated that affective governance is critical whether that’s external or internal. 

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