Calling All Podcast Addicts!

3 April 2019

Podcasts might not be a new form of entertainment, but it does seem that in recent years their popularity has soared.

In light of the recent surge of commuters, joggers, and spring cleaners turning to podcasts every day, we thought we would share a list of our favourites.

1. The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is a firm favourite here at SC HQ. And with the dazzling Deborah Frances-White , and the wonderful Athena Kugblenu, what’s not to like! We love the nuanced discussions of feminist issues, and how the hosts are not afraid to admit their own pitfalls.

2. Ctrl Alt Delete

If you haven’t delved in to Emma Gannon’s  Ctrl Alt Delete world yet, then make it your next mission! Emma, the multi-hyphenate extraordinaire chats to her guests about all things internet and social media related. We love this episode , featuring  Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower)  and Louise Troen , two other friendly voices known to us,

3. Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Apart from speakers, of course, there is nothing SC do better than food. It’s no wonder we love the Off Menu podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster! The comedic pair invite guests into their ‘magical’ restaurant to choose their favourite courses. Feeling hungry yet? We’d like to order Off Menu, please…

4. Should This Exist?

Caterina Fake’s new podcast launched in February 2019 yet is already a contender amongst the big hitters! Caterina explores the latest technology, considering the triumphs and risks. Covering topics such as virtual therapists and supersonic flight, each episode circles back to the key question: Should This Exist? (Hint: the answer is never easy!)

5. The High Low

A solid choice featuring our office favourite, Dolly Alderton . Dolly sits down with friend and journalist Pandora Sykes, and the pair chat through pop culture and current affairs. The podcast is the perfect blend of informative and entertaining and makes hard-hitting topics more accessible. Win!

6. Today in Focus

Hosted (every day!) by the wonderful Anushka Asthana, Today in Focus is the vital podcast from The Guardian. Anushka untangles the daily headlines, offering a deeper understanding of the news affecting us right now. She does the hard work – all we have to do is listen and learn!

7. Mad World

Bryony Gordon  is one of the few people who can make us feel like its totally normal not to feel normal. Her podcast ‘Mad World’ for The Telegraph, explores exactly this. In each episode, Bryony talks to someone whose life story and issues with mental health could help listeners. From Prince Harry to Mel C, she leaves no stone unturned.

8. Desert Island Discs

A classic for a reason! If you haven’t interacted with Desert Island Discs yet, you must have been living under a rock. Literally. On a desert island. Longstanding host Kirsty Young  has passed the baton on to the brilliant Lauren Laverne, who asks guests the infamous question: 8 tracks, a book, and a luxury….what would you take to a desert island?

9. Happy Place

Happy Place is Fearne Cotton’s  rightfully-popular podcast! It follows on from the messages of her bestselling book, HAPPY, and features both Fearne’s and her guests’ experiences of finding joy in the blue days. From Tom Daley  and Jamal Edwards  to Stephen Fry and Gary Barlow, Fearne focuses on putting one foot in front of the other to find your inner Happy Place.

10. Science: Disrupt

This list wouldn’t be done without a science podcast! We might be biased, but we love Science:Disrupt, and it’s not just because the incredibly talented  Gemma Milne  is a host! Whether you’re a science enthusiast, or a total novice looking to learn more about the latest technologies and research, this is the science pod for you!

We are proud to work with all of the speakers and podcasters listed!

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